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Treatment Dates:

  • Pauma Valley and San Pasqual Valley - September 11-25
  • Borrego - (Systemic) September 4-18, (Foliar) October 2-16 

*Organic operations must do 2 applications within 10 days of each other with at least one application within the treatment window.



* The board is comprised of five board seats. Currently one seat is open. Please contact Enrico Ferro if you would like to be on the board of the Pest Control District.

Treatment with an effective ACP product is MANDATORY within pest control district boundaries. Areas outside of district boundaries are strongly encouraged to participate in the coordinated treatments to aid in the effectiveness of the treatment strategy. Studies indicate a treatment rate of 90% or more is necessary for area wide effectiveness. In addition, pest control district zones that reach 90% will also receive residential citrus treatments conducted by CDFA.

The district is preparing to enforce treatments in the near future in order to ensure an area wide rate greater than 90% of planted commercial citrus acreage.

 Follow these steps:
 *Click HERE
and here:
for a list of effective ACP pesticides for both conventional and organic growers. Organic growers are required to treat twice within a 10-day period to achieve comparable control. Please adhere to the UCIPM guidelines on treatment protocols for all products. Oil applications in particular have an (IC) designation that requires a minimum of 250 gallons of water/acre (250-600). Conventional growers are encouraged to rotate products to avoid resistance. Consult your PCA, grove manager or pesticide dealer for more info.
*Schedule/conduct your treatments: All treatments, including both organic treatments, must take place on or between the dates listed above.
*Maintain records, such as product receipts, recommendations and use records.
*Send a copy of the Pesticide Use Report for the treatment to the District office at:, or mail to: SDCCPCD, P.O. Box 1099, Pauma Valley, CA 92061
*Submit your Pesticide Use Report to the County Agricultural Commissioner electronically via CalAgPermits
If you do not have an Operator ID Number or CalAgPermits account, please contact the Ag Commissioner's office at 858-694-8980.
SPRAY AND MOVE- if you will be moving fruit out of Zone 5 within or shortly after the treatment period, please use one of the products on the link below:
Click here for the approved list of spray and move products:
Map of Zones:
For questions and/or additional information please email district general manager Enrico Ferro at or call (951) 334-7611.
Other useful links: